February 2023

John had his first dentist appointment – he did great!
Riley and I worked on thinning and training our trailing blackberries
Our beloved Spring wildflowers are beginning to emerge
Winter cabin fever struck and the girls + Erica went to a local coffee shop for a change of scenery
We helped some friends who were on vacation by taking care of their sheep
Spring birding is starting to heat up! (White-breasted nuthatch)
Over the course of the month our brassica seedlings have really done well with our grow light setup
A LOT of desserts have been getting made lately…
…to go with a LOT of tea, which as become a new hobby for the girls
Epic laser gun battle (boys lost)
A branch came down and wrecked our electric fence while I was away, but Riley had it patched in no time…
Yours truly, Dr. Siegfried Farnon