December 2022

We had an extremely cold stretch with sub-zero wind chills and 108 hours below freezing, but it brought a white Christmas and some winter fun.
We couldn’t believe that we got to see sections of our creek ice over, definitely a first!
Christmas morning
Playing “Dutch Blitz”
We shot our first deer! Thankful for the meat it added to our freezer.
Venison backstrap and tenderloin
We got the last of our hogs butchered and in the freezer. Here, Paige is making hot Italian sausage links
Quinn and John handling the initial sausage grind
Someone dumped a young puppy on the road near our house, so we took him in, treated his worms and got him some shots. He’s a boxer/lab mix, and we named him Knox.
This month we had our 18th wedding anniversary and were able to go out for dinner.