Week 34, 2022

August 27, 2022


Warm and muggy again this week; summer hasn’t quite released her grip.

Riley continues to find (and identify) beauty where it is easy to miss:

False sunflower
Carolina elephantsfoot

Down On The Farm

The bounty of creation provided us with a fallen tree (cedar) that we cut up and brought to the woodshed. Cedar makes great kindling, so the plan is to chop this into kindling sticks for the winter.

The blueberries that have survived since being planted in the spring are growing well. We lost 8 out of 20, which is unfortunate, and I’m not sure what happened. I think we could have done a better job of watering them. They were originally planted in peat moss because blueberries need acidic soil, and now we mulched them with fine pine bark, which will give their shallow roots room to grow and add acidity as it breaks down. We’ll try propagating blueberries this winter with hardwood cuttings to hopefully have replacement plants for the spring.

Erica’s flower garden is adding some nice color by the house

Best Thing We Ate

Some friends came over who are very good at identifying plants and trees, and pointed out that we have many pawpaw trees growing along the creek bank. Some even had ripe fruit that we picked. They were delicious – a mix between banana and mango, with a custardy texture. I wish I took a picture. The pawpaw is native to North America and is surprisingly tropical for the climate.

From Family Worship

It is satisfying to see the older children becoming critical thinkers, able to consider multiple views on whatever issue, weigh the merits, and make a decision about what they believe. This comes up all the time when we talk about politics, history, science, government, current events, and of course different theological issue that arise as we read and discuss the Bible. We believe that is the most valuable part of the education we seek to provide for our children.

Other Happenings

On Wednesday, Riley, Sam and Paige were picked up by a friend from church to go shopping and play board games at her house down in Cookeville. I then met them at the prayer meeting to pick them up and come home. It was nice to be at the weekly prayer meeting, which we rarely get to do due to the distance.