Week 31, 2022

August 6, 2022


Do what we can, summer will have its flies.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

This may have had a deeper meaning for Emerson, but it is true, flies have been our nemesis lately. But flies beware, Erica is lightning-quick with her fly swatter.

Locals say August are the “dog days” because snakes go blind, become more defensive, and are therefore more likely to bite dogs and humans alike. Not sure, might have to research that one more.

Down On The Farm

The hot pepper seedlings we got from our seedling supplier were a substitute because the jalapeños weren’t ready. They came described only as a “wax pepper”, so we put 50 plants in the ground. They have grown beautifully, but we’ve discovered they are HOT. More like a habanero. We wear gloves when we pick them, and the girls have been stringing them for drying and storage. They’ve certainly turned up the heat in our salsa.

We finally got to use our electric incubator we bought last year, but haven’t had the chance to use. We collected 9 eggs from the hens, and got them situated in the incubator for their 21 day incubation period. It worked with 100% success! Sure beats buying chicks at $4-$5 a piece.

I’ve collected a number of old farm books over the years, because I think their advice is much better than any modern manual. In one book, “Farm Management”, published by Cornell University in 1913, Dr. G.F. Warren tells the account of a family who lived on a farm, while the man worked a “city job”. This family kept good records of the retail value of the homestead produce they raised and consumed, and this is what gave me the idea to do the same.

Best Thing We Ate

Homemade toffee: the girls make a caramel and a chocolate sauce, then layer it on saltines before refrigerating.

From Family Worship

In Acts 9, someone introduced only as “a disciple in Damascus named Ananias” was asked to do something incredibly dangerous. He was asked by God to go to Saul who had just been converted on the road to Damascus. He was asked to go to Saul, when most were trying to avoid Saul! Ananias didn’t initially know that Saul had been converted, but only that Saul had been breathing threats and murder against Christians, and imprisoning them. After initially voicing his concern to God, he obeyed. He did what he was commanded to do without knowing the whole picture of what was going on. He walked by faith and not by sight, trusting that God would take care of him as he sought to be obedient in the face of danger.

Other Happenings

A mom and her children came to visit one day this week to check out the farm and play in the creek. They recently moved to the area from Arizona, so it was nice for Erica and the kids to get to know them better. Hopefully we can have another visit as families when the husbands aren’t working.