Week 30, 2022

July 30, 2022


Warm and muggy, more rain now than earlier this summer and slightly lower highs. Cicadas humming in the trees, and the sound of distant thunder make late July unique. The uncomfortable conditions outside make you want to be lazy indoors, but you can’t get away with that like you can in late January. Things are busy around here.

Down On The Farm

The okra, tomatoes, hot peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon and potatoes are coming in heavy now. Erica has been amazing as she continues to can, freeze and dry all sorts of produce in all sorts of different forms. We are also trying to keep up with weeding in the berry beds, and the kids have been working really hard both indoors and out. The pigs are growing fat on garden scraps, some firewood is getting split, a few more fruit trees are planted. We imagined that this time of year would be the busiest, and that is certainly true!

Best Thing We Ate

We told the kids that in summer we’ll eat like kings and queens, and so it is. Our garden abundance puts out a spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner that is deeply satisfying.

From Family Worship

After finishing the Gospel of John we moved into Acts, reading and discussing a chapter each night. It is wonderful to hear the older children share thoughts and insights that make it clear they are embracing the Christian faith as their own. In the early chapters of Acts, we’ve all been impressed at the boldness of the Apostles to proclaim the gospel in the face of personal danger and loss. They rightly counted it more important to obey God than to obey man, and were willing to suffer the consequences of being faithful to the Word of God.

Other Happenings

We were able to visit Erica’s parents near Charleston, SC last weekend, which was our first time seeing them in their new home since they moved there from Florida at the beginning of the year.

John and I were able to steal away Friday afternoon to go check out the nearby trout hatchery and dam at Dale Hollow Lake. Any day I can spend time with this guy is a good day.