Week 25, 2022

June 25, 2022


Hot and dry! The weather pattern continues, and we are at day 17 with no rain. We’ve had to hand water our young fruit trees, sweet potato slips, and other seeds that have recently germinated in the garden, but our more mature veggies will have to hang in there. Our soil seems to do a good job holding moisture, but I don’t want to push it. Hopefully we’ll get a rain in the next day or so.

Dragging hoses to the garden

We have noticed a lot more deer activity around the edges of the property, and one morning getting water from the creek I interrupted a group of three bucks, one pretty big one. We’ve also been seeing some turkey chicks around, trying to keep up with their mother.

The longest day of the year happened this week, and I think all that extra sun is part of why things have been growing so fast (compared to FL). Our migrating spring birds have moved on to somewhere farther north, and we are settled into the summer set of birds. I think my favorite is the wood thrush, whose enchanting flute-like call is usually the last one you hear before quieting down at nightfall.

Down On The Farm

Nothing amuses our suburban friends more than our use of an Austrian scythe to mow certain areas, but the benefits are wonderful. Using a scythe is quiet work, provides good exercise, and forms a connection to how work was done long ago. Not to mention that a clean stroke with a well-honed scythe through clover is about as satisfying as hitting a pure golf shot (the few times I’ve done so). We use a scythe to mow the Dutch white clover that we established in the orchard, using the clippings to mulch the fruit trees and bushes.

Veggies are starting to come in strong, and we’ve officially begun the harvesting/preserving season that will dominate farm life for the next few months. Erica made pickles this week with the initial harvest of cucumbers (29 lbs), which made 17 quarts after saving some for fresh eating.

She also is preserving the abundance of kale by making ice cubes of blended kale to use in smoothies throughout the year.

And we harvested a portion of our early sweet onions that will now cure on the porch before being braided and hung.

Best Thing We Ate

Quinn’s pancakes!

From Family Worship

After 6 months we are finished going through the Westminster Confession of Faith as a family. By studying the Confession, we learned a lot about what the Bible teaches and how all the pieces fit together. And the study also had the effect of deepening our conviction that the Confession rightly summarizes the Scriptures. It is our confession of the faith we hold. We’re grateful to God that we can so richly benefit from the many centuries of those who have gone before us.

Other Happenings

Not too much else. Did I mentioned we’ve been busy in the garden!?