Week 24, 2022

June 18, 2022


Record heat across much of the country, and we were not exempt. It is oppressively hot – and dry. We need a good rain soon. We’ve been trying to get out in the garden early to beat the heat. Seems that all around us is still under the blanket of heat.

American bellflower

Down On The Farm

We harvested some summer squash that is more like zucchini. It is called Costata Romanesca, an Italian heirloom variety that has absolutely taken off in the garden. These four fruits totaled 11 pounds and were ripe a full 15 days ahead of the 62 days that the variety calls for.

The corn is up to about 5-6′ tall and the pole beans are starting to climb their way up the stalks. Tomatoes have all set fruit, but I’m hoping the high heat doesn’t hinder the remaining flowers from setting fruit. I had to spray the okra for beetles, and they should be ok. Also had to treat a Japanese beetle problem in the apple trees that came out of nowhere.

Black currants

Best Thing We Ate

We are finally at the point here where our home grown food is contributing to our table. Anything from the farm has an immediate chance of winning. This week we enjoyed zucchini fritters, broccoli salad, and minestrone soup with garden veggies.

From Family Worship

We covered several chapters in our study of the Westminster Confession of Faith this week, working through the Church, the Communion of the Saints, and the Sacraments. Good discussion, and we all learned something. The timing worked one evening for my parents to join us for family worship, which was a special treat.

Other Happenings

We tried to soak up the last week with my parents in town, going on a double date, and the kids having a sleepover at their place. We also were blessed this week by a visit from Steve and Ann, part of our extended family in Alabama, as they were passing through the area.