Week 23, 2022

June 11, 2022


Things had been hot and dry before getting over an inch and a half of rain Tuesday night. This seemed to put the garden into overdrive. The summer weather and long days put us in the mind to go to the lake, which we did a couple days ago. There’s something fitting about doing things in their season.

New wildflowers, frogs, and other discoveries continue to catch our eye.

Woodland pinkroot
Butterfly weed

Down On The Farm

The sweet potato slips finally came in the mail. Supposedly they were late due to a cold and wet spring. We may try and raise our own next year. We got them in the ground this week, along with the pumpkins and winter squash seeds. The whole of the garden is now planted. Once the spring vegetables are fully harvested (cabbage, broccoli, kale), we’ll use that area to plant a few things that will last into the early winter, like Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, beets, etc.

Best Thing We Ate

The homemade pizza night continues to be a big hit, and some weeks it just can’t be beat.

From Family Worship

We covered several chapters in our study of the Westminster Confession of Faith this week, working through the Church, the Communion of the Saints, and the Sacraments. Good discussion, and we all learned something. The timing worked one evening for my parents to join us for family worship, which was a special treat.

Other Happenings

As mentioned, our beloved GiGi came for a long weekend visit, which meant so much. She is graceful and kind, and a wonderful grandma and great-grandma.

Lots of activity this week with a day at the lake, more grandparent fun, County fair, and a church potluck.