Week 21, 2022

May 28th, 2022


Rain this week, which has been good and needed, and with it some cooler weather. An inch of rain Thursday and a third of an inch the day before. Fragrant outside from the multiflora rose, Chinese privet and other wild blooms. Some of the birds that were passing through on their migration north have left us, like the Rose-breasted grosbeak, but we are now hearing whippoorwills in the evening, and the flute-like Wood thrush fills the air during the day.

The phoebe chicks that were being raised on our porch finally took off one morning this week. Erica and I were there to see them all take off with a burst at the same time. They hit the porch ceiling, landed on the porch deck, flew into the side of the chest freezer, but eventually made it out and into a tree. Mom bird was 5 for 5 raising eggs into birds!

Play-doh on a rainy day
Wild strawberries the kids collected and turned into jam

Down On The Farm

We are trying to give the chickens some more time in the yard once our dog Anya is done outside for the day. Hopefully, we can get her used to the chickens to where she guards them instead of eating them. In other news, our garden is absolutely taking off. More pictures on that next week.

Best Thing We Ate

Braised barbecue chicken – same winner as last week, but this time it wins because we ate it with my parents who just arrived for a visit!

From Family Worship

We’re now into Chapter 21 of the Westminster Confession of Faith, “Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day”. Broadly, this chapter asserts that it is God alone who spells out for us how it is that we are to worship Him, our Creator. Certainly this is His prerogative. This is a wonderful and helpful truth that keeps things clear and simple, and guards the church from many peculiar innovations. The chapter also addresses the 4th commandment and states the church’s historic view of keeping the Lord’s Day as something special – a day set apart for Him. This, regrettably, has somehow become a very controversial thing among Christians in the last 50 years, or even less, and has largely fallen out of practice. In our family’s experience, keeping the Lord’s Day is not about a bunch of rules about what you can’t do, but more about not letting lesser things sneak in and spoil the gift of the Lord’s Day that God in His kindness has given to us. By God’s grace (because it wasn’t always this way), Sunday has truly become our favorite day of the week, something we look forward to all week long. To worship God morning and evening on the Lord’s Day, in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, is the clearest foretaste of heaven we will experience on this side of eternity.

Other Happenings

Splurged and went out to dinner in Cookeville one night
Riley has been working on her pressed wildflower art