Week 20, 2022

May 21st, 2022


It has been another warm, mostly dry week, with evenings cooling off into the 50’s and 60’s. We are through most of the pollen season, it seems, and things around us are starting to look more like summer time.

Getting water at the creek for the pigs one morning I interrupted a family of otter that were playing in the water. They scolded me as they swam away, and I was sorry I had not walked up slower to maybe have a chance to see them without first being seen.

We have an eastern phoebe who is raising chicks in a nest on top of a light fixture on our porch. All day long she brings insects to her brood, and it seems like they can never get enough. We marvel at the mother’s instincts to reproduce, from making the nest, guarding the eggs, and feeding the hatchlings.

Japanese honeysuckle

Down On The Farm

The red oak saplings we planted around the property are starting to wake up
Have maybe 40 apples total on our young trees
Black currant bushes have a little fruit
It looks like 6 of 10 apple tree grafts have taken

Best Thing We Ate

Braised chicken over rice with sautéed kale

From Family Worship

One evening we considered a portion of Psalm 106 where the psalmist recounts Israel’s history when they grumbled against their circumstances in the wilderness, just after God had miraculously delivered them through the Red Sea. If we’re honest, we can identify well with the Israelites, and can also learn from their poor example: instead of complaining (or worse) during difficulty, recall God’s prior faithfulness to preserve and uphold His people, and honor Him with trust, resting in His promises. Surely, He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, can be trusted in life’s trials.

Other Happenings

Big week for John…

Paige teaching John to shoot her long bow
John entertaining Quinn with a chicken impersonation
First official day of homeschool