Week 19, 2022

May 14th, 2022


Warm and dry with cool mornings, beautiful time of year. The birds are at their peak activity and fill the air with birdsong. More and more time is spent down by the creek to cool off after hard work.

Large clump of dead flies all gathered together at the end of a limb…strange

Down On The Farm

Mowing the grass, and cultivating and hoeing the garden rows are becoming the main work on the farm. Cows and pigs are gaining weight and look happy and healthy. Hens have settled into a laying routine. It has been a weird week, but I hope to have a better update on all of this next week.

Best Thing We Ate

Homemade pizza with bacon and pineapple, and kale salad from the garden.

From Family Worship

Erica ran the show while I was away this week, and it is always sorely missed when we can’t be all together, but the Lord is faithful to sustain and provide for all our needs. We finished our recap of the first fourteen chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith, so this week we’ll forge ahead into new material starting with Chapter 15, “Of Repentance Unto Life”.

Other Happenings

I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with Quinn in the past week or so. We went on a nice hike together, and then she came with me on a business trip I took this week back to Florida. We stayed with my parents and she got to have some quality grandparent time. Hence the weird week as Erica and the rest were holding down the fort in TN.

Last Friday night the girls went to the spring ball for the English country line dancing class they’ve been participating in. Here they are with their friend Evelynne on the way to the ball.