Week 15, 2022

April 16th, 2022


Cold last weekend, some flurries in the air Saturday afternoon while I was building the chicken nest box. Then, some good rains during the week, with hopefully a dry stretch ahead so we can get more of the garden worked up and planted.

My biggest concern is a possible late frost that might injure the blossoms on our early apple varieties and the earliest gooseberries.

Credit goes to Riley this week for identifying several new wildflowers for us. Each week or two has new discoveries as they take their turns coming up.

Dwarf larkspur
Jacob’s ladder
Striped cream violet
Fernleaf phacelia
Philadelphia fleabane
Getting the living room warm before the family gets up

Down On The Farm

I spent last Saturday getting this nest box built for the hens, and also building a pig trough and waterer.

Communal nest box with outside access to collect eggs
Pig waterer, we fill by bucket because there’s no running water by the pig pen

I’m proud of us for how we have worked hard to create a farm out of a vacant piece of property. There is always an endless number of future projects (which is how we like it), but the basic building blocks of animals and infrastructure are now in place to produce our own beef, chicken, pork, dairy, eggs, fruit and vegetables. It is a rich life to be immersed in the vitality of plants and animals, both wild and domestic, and to know the daily rhythm of farm life within the larger rhythm of the seasons.

Best Thing We Ate

Finally, some eggs of our own!!

From Family Worship

This week, we rounded out Chapter 11 of the Westminster Confession of Faith, “Of Justification”, by wondering at the truth that God has been saving sinners in the Covenant of Grace (see Chapter 7) since immediately after Adam’s fall, and that believers in the Old Testament were justified in the exact same way as people are justified now in the New Testament era, by faith that receives and rests in Jesus Christ.

How can this be if Christ was unknown by name, etc., in the OT? As Sinclair Ferguson helpfully explains, people before Christ’s incarnation had the promise of the coming Messiah, along with many types and shadows, and their faith in these things was as real and genuine as our faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In every age, justification has always been by faith alone, in Christ alone.

Other Happenings

These two are inseparable