Week 13, 2022

April 2nd, 2022


The weather was warm and windy until a front came through Wednesday night. It was supposed to be a big rain maker, but we only got about a third of an inch. March has been windy, which is expected, and you can sense the transition of seasons.

The trees on the forested hillsides are starting to break dormancy and the allergy sufferers in our family are feeling it, but the milder weather, wildflowers and other spring beginnings make up for it.

This week we’ve noticed bats at dusk, carpenter bees, and lots of new wildflowers.

Fire pink
Common blue violet

Down On The Farm

We are moving rapidly here as we get things going for the new season. We worked together to build a chicken coop inside a portion of the barn, and we’ve also got the pigs settled into their pen.

Our 100 strawberry plants and 25 asparagus crowns arrived this week, so the girls helped get those in the ground before a rainy week ahead.

Strawberry plant
Asparagus crown, looks like an Octopus

Best Thing We Ate

One night this week Erica made Bolognese sauce over pasta with a nice salad and homemade bread…sublime.

From Family Worship

We have recently begun trying to sing parts and harmonize, but it has been a humbling experience. We make sure our windows are closed so our kind neighbor doesn’t have to be subjected to our singing. Samantha plays enough piano to be able to accompany us with the melody and harmony, and in our efforts we frequently remind ourselves that it is the heart that the Lord is concerned with!

We moved into chapter 11 of the Westminster Confession, which deals with justification. The grounds of our justification before God is one of the most important things to have a clear grasp of, so we’ll likely spend a good amount of time working through what the Scriptures teach here.

Other Happenings

Erica’s parents, Mark and Lois, came to visit us from Charleston, SC, and we had a very nice visit with them this week. Family is a wonderful encouragement to see, especially when you are in a new place. We did a little local sight seeing, but mostly just spent time together and enjoyed each other’s company.