Week 11, 2022

March 19th, 2022


Beautiful spring week. Trees are beginning to break dormancy, and if you look close, the earliest wakers are just starting to unfurl their new leaves. We’ll see if the deep freeze last weekend hurt any early blooms like eastern redbud or the Asian pear.

The warmer weather and longer days have provided the opportunity to eat dinner on the porch a few times, and as we’re outside more, the most noticeable thing might be the increase of birdsong in the air.

Male house finch
A pair of house finches

Down On The Farm

The cabbage, broccoli, kale and onions all got in the ground earlier this week. We’ve spent so much energy and time getting this garden prepared that to see something green and growing is very satisfying to all of us. Plans laid out long ago back in Florida are starting to come to fruition.

The new tractor continues to be a big hit!

And Quinn helped me put the finishing touches on the garden deer fence when we hung the gates together.

Best Thing We Ate

When I asked, it was a unanimous vote that the best thing we ate was homemade mac & cheese with bacon that Quinn requested for her birthday dinner. (More about Quinn’s birthday below).

From Family Worship

When you’re in deep water, call for the lifeguard. We ran our questions from last week by our pastor, and he had a helpful response. While it is true that Jesus’ divine nature did not die or experience any suffering, we need to keep in mind that at no point after the incarnation have the two natures of Christ ever separated. There is mystery here, just like there is with the Trinity, or how God’s eternal and sovereign decree exists alongside man’s free will. And this, Man’s Free Will, is the next chapter for our consideration in the Westminster Confession of Faith. We are thinking deeply together.

Other Happenings

That’s right, Quinn had a birthday! On Friday she turned 9 years old, and celebrated by going shopping with some friends and spending some time “in town”.