Week 10, 2022

March 12th, 2022


Nice week with most days near 70 degrees, then we were slammed with a winter storm last night. We woke up this morning to a few inches of snow, with a high today of 30 and the low tonight close to single digits with the wind chill. It should be a quick warm up though.

Wild flowers continue to show themselves:

Common dandelion
Wild pansy, in the violet family

And the birds didn’t seem to mind the cold this morning…

Juvenile cardinal
Mourning dove
Song sparrow

Down On The Farm

Concerned that the veggie seeds we started in January aren’t looking so good, we decided to buy some seedlings wholesale. 100 cabbages, 100 broccoli, 100 kale. They came out to $0.25 each and seem to be very vigorous and healthy. We’ll get these in the ground maybe Tuesday or Wednesday once the ground dries up from the snow.

Best Thing We Ate

Split pea soup with ham. Some love it, some hate it. We all love it; well, except for one child who won’t be named. This child says they are physically incapable of swallowing a single bite of the soup.

From Family Worship

In the incarnation, did the humanity of Jesus come down from heaven? Did God die for us on the cross? These are a couple of the questions that confronted us this week as we considered the nature of the God-man, Jesus Christ. We learned that, no, the humanity of Jesus did not come down from heaven, and that, no, Jesus’ divine nature did not die on the cross, as it is impossible for God to die. However, like so many things, one answer leads to more questions. More to come, and our mental wheels are turning.

Other Happenings

We finally demolished the old single-wide trailer in the far corner of the field, and the nice operator even let John and I take the first swing! For a 5-year old boy whose sole occupational ambition is to BE an excavator operator, this was just too much.

Can you see John in his red jacket?