Week 9, 2022

March 5th, 2022


Beautiful this week, 60’s & 70’s and all sunshine! Appreciation for this is significant after enduring our first winter.

*Correction* What we thought were migrating Canada geese last November were really Sandhill cranes . We did a little research after seeing huge groups of them flying and honking overhead, this time going north. Sure enough, we are right in the middle of their migration pattern!

Down On The Farm

I took Tuesday off work and deer fence assembly began in earnest this week. These guys are amazing, capable partners with me here on the farm. I couldn’t ask for a better crew.

Earthworm break

Best Thing We Ate

Strawberry cake with strawberry icing for my 40th birthday – more below!

From Family Worship

We have been swimming in deep water this week as we consider “Christ the Mediator”. In addition to getting sound truth that corrects virtually all early church heresy regarding Jesus Christ being both God and man, we were stirred to deeper appreciation for the Son of God’s office of mediator.

As mediator, he reconciles us to the Father through his perfect obedience and sacrifice of Himself on our behalf. And this work he did “most willingly undertake”. And more than just reconciliation to God, Christ makes us co-heirs with him. Erica rightly drew in the parable of the prodigal son, as the response of the father to his returning son is how we should view this rich truth.

Other Happenings

I turned 40 on Friday and my wonderful family made it special. Not only did they surprise me with a little get together at a friend’s house Friday afternoon, they insisted that I get myself a tractor!!