Week 8, 2022

February 26th, 2022


Rain and more rain this week. Several rainy days totaled up more than 6″ of rain. The creek filled close to the banks on Thursday but did not overflow into our field. We’re getting more comfortable with rain events and understanding how much the creek can handle.

Daffodils – we’ve enjoyed the sight of these wildflowers on previous vacations here in early March, and this year were were able to watch them unfurl their striking green and yellow against an otherwise drab late winter landscape. They instantly brighten and cheer the observer.

While we had company this weekend, a new bird was identified for us by our friend, Liam, a White-throated sparrow. We changed our bird seed and have had much more luck attracting birds.

White-throated sparrow
Song sparrow
Song sparrow

Down On The Farm

Our onion plants came this week from Dixondale Farms in TX. This is kind of an insurance policy for us since we’ve never grown onion from seed before. If both the purchased onion plants, and the ones we are starting from seed both take, then the more the merrier. The purchased plants need to get in the ground in the next three weeks, so the clock is ticking.

Best Thing We Ate

One night the girls made a big batch of scratch chocolate chip cookies that hit the spot.

From Family Worship

Before this week, I did not know where the Old Testament and New Testament got their names. As Chapter 7 of the Confession has shown us from scripture, Testament is another name for the Covenant of Grace. So, the Old Testament is how God administered the Covenant of Grace under the law, with circumcision, sacrifices, the Passover lamb, etc…and the New Testament is how God administers the Covenant of Grace under the gospel; with the incarnation of Christ, the administration changed to the preaching of the Word, baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

As the Confession rightly puts it, “There are not, therefore, two covenants of grace differing in substance, but one and the same under various dispensations”.

And what is this Covenant of Grace that God has made with man? It is where He freely offers life and salvation to sinners by Jesus Christ, requiring from them simple faith that receives this gift. And lest we despair that we have to work up this faith in ourselves, we can rejoice that it is God Himself who makes us willing and able to believe. What He requires, He provides.

Other Happenings

With the rain keeping us indoors, we used the evenings to make good progress on caulking all of the trim work we have been doing. We’re hoping that the house work will be finished as the weather gets nicer this spring so that we can enjoy the outdoors more!