Week 2, 2022

January 15th, 2022


We can tell we are more in the heart of winter now, with less swings from mild to cold. The saying is true that, “as the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen”. Two inches of rain on top of the snow melt caused the creek to rise to the top of the bank, but it did not spill over into our field like it sometimes does. Still, there were several sections of our road that flooded, which caused us to take an indirect route to get to church Sunday evening. The sight of swift and rising water fills with awe and alarm.

Got some good shots of a Red-tailed hawk circling overhead while issuing its famous crying call. The scream fills our valley and grabs the attention.

I also found an interesting fossil down at the creek one day when the water was low. No idea what it is, but it got me thinking about all the unknown things that have occurred here over the course of history.

Down On The Farm

Not much this week. We did remove some small black walnut trees that were growing too close to the future garden and orchard. Black walnut trees are prized for many good reasons, but they exude a chemical called juglone which is toxic to many fruits and vegetables.

Best Thing We Ate

One cold night we had spaghetti and meatballs which warmed us from the inside out. The savory homemade meatballs in Erica’s sauce on a bed of spaghetti, covered in parmesan cheese…delightful.

From Family Worship

I can’t express the sweetness that this time is for us each evening. To gather around God’s holy word, to sing together and to ask God’s blessing on ourselves and others, is the apex of family joy. This week we finished considering chapter 1 of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and I think we all came away with a clearer understanding of, and appreciation for, the Scriptures in which God reveals Himself to man, and has preserved in essential purity down through the ages.

Other Happenings

John and I think we constructed the world’s strongest clothesline.

Down the road from us about two miles live two elderly sisters, who live together quite remarkably, keeping up their home, garden and family cemetery in the back. When you drive by you’ll occasionally find them sweeping the front porch, tending their woodpile, or in a rocking chair, and they’ll always waive. I like them and hope to get to talk with them some time.