Week 51, 2021

December 25th


A frosty week, our longest stretch of cold weather with four mornings in a row in the low 20’s. Milder weather here now for Christmas. The longest night of the year now behind us, we are finding a winter routine of lots of reading, wood fires, and the occasional basketball game on the radio.

Erica and I went on a walk around the property and stumbled across a deer antler, recently shed by a buck. It seems a little early from what I’ve read, but I don’t know. Pretty neat though, and makes a nice bookshelf decoration.

Down On The Farm

More wood chopping, stacking and organizing. We are learning to stage wood from the woodpile on the porch for easier access. It seems like kindling is always in short supply.

We got those corral panels up and secured this week. Now we are just waiting to get the call that our Jersey milk cow, Daisy, is penned and ready for us to pick her up. We have the hay in the barn to get her through the winter, and in our first year I hope to have our hay pasture custom baled by a neighbor since I don’t have any equipment. We are thinking through whether or not we want a perimeter fence, and what material would be best.

Best Thing We Ate

Christmas Dinner of ham and all the fixins. Close second was Quinn’s breakfast cinnamon buns on Tuesday.

From Family Worship

We’ve been listening to Handel’s Messiah this Advent season, taking a new section a few times a week. There’s a book we have that explains what to listen for in the music to help get the most out of it, which is helpful. What a masterpiece.

Other Happenings

On Monday night we went to a basketball game where our local Clay County Bulldogs took on visiting Hampton High School in the Clay County Christmas Classic. Our local small town team, the Bulldogs, won the state championship last year led by Grant Strong, named Mr. Basketball. There’s a buzz about him and the team in this little town of 1,500, and the parallels to the great movie “Hoosiers” are hard to miss. And he did not disappoint, scoring 46 with 12 rebounds in the win. Great gym and a great atmosphere. They take their basketball seriously here. Pleasantly surprised to see the Ten Commandments still hanging up in the school.

After 6 weeks of using folding tables and flattened cardboard boxes for countertops, our “real” countertops finally got installed this week, along with our kitchen sink. While we very much appreciate these things, their absence reminded us how adaptable people can be when needed.

Other evening projects this week included putting up some lattice on the porch nearest the road to provide some additional privacy, and caulking tubs, sinks, toilets and trim. Now we’ll turn our attention to the master closet.

Christmas Eve was quiet and enjoyable, but we missed the long-standing tradition of gathering at my grandma’s house with the family. Phone calls had to suffice. Christmas morning was the usual wonderful flurry of seeing if Santa came, stockings, presents and general mirth. We are blessed beyond the telling.

I’ll post Christmas pictures next week once I get them from Erica.