Week 47, 2021

November 27th:


More swings from highs in the upper 60s to highs in the 40s. Sunday afternoon was a rainy, cold and misty, very different from the rain showers we’re used to in FL. I got in my car this morning and had to wait 20 minutes to melt the ice on my windshield. Ice scraper?

Down On The Farm

I’ve been on the lookout for a two-bottom turning plow that we could use in our garden, because the man who does our tractor work does not own one. I was headed home one day with John, Samantha, and a load of red oak firewood when I noticed a two-bottom plow for sale in someone’s yard. We pulled in and made a deal to buy it for $150. We’ll plow the garden and orchard area in December, giving time for the turned sod to decompose before tilling and planting in the spring. The best part of the deal was talking with the seller of the plow for an hour, listening to his stories about this place where’s his family has been for many generations.

Observing nature is a deep pleasure for me, and on Tuesday night just before sunset Quinn and I were working on splitting some kindling when overhead flew three separate groups of Canada geese in perfect V formation across the cold sunset sky. There must have been close to 300 in total, heading due south.

We’ve hoped that our underground tornado shelter will double as a root cellar, but until now we haven’t been here to observe the cellar’s temperature and humidity. After a couple days in the 40’s and nights in the low 20’s, I went out at sunrise, opened the cellar door and climbed down the steps. Sure enough, the temperature was 47 with 70% humidity. We’d actually like to see it get down in the 32-40 degree range with 90+% humidity for ideal cellar conditions. We’ll keep watching it through the winter.

Best Thing We Ate

Easy one this week – Thanksgiving dinner! It was a strange experience to be away from family for Thanksgiving, but familiar food helped.

From Family Worship

At breakfast we’re reading a section each day of Psalm 119, and one morning this week we considered v. 14, “I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches”. Imagine watching someone learn they’ve won the lottery. Their reaction is a good starting point for how the psalmist says we should delight in God’s ways.

Other Happenings

We are officially Tennessee residents. Erica and I went to the DMV and surrendered our FL driver’s licenses for the TN version. New plates for the vehicles will come next.

We decorated for Christmas and cranked up The Lettermen Christmas album, a tradition that never disappoints.