Week 45, 2021

November 15th:

Saturday, November 13th, we unloaded the moving truck with the help of some friends and took in that thrilling and overwhelming chaos that seems to always come with moving into a new home and being surrounded by boxes. We’re here in TN! We made it. After all the weeks, months and years of dreaming and planning, we finally made it.

My hope is to record a blog entry every Saturday evening to record the events of the week under these broad headings below, which seem to capture the main areas of farm and family life for us. I’ll try to also post a few pictures each week at the bottom.

A brief explanation of each heading…


Weather is an endlessly fascinating part of daily life, especially when you are trying to raise plants and animals. Expect here a recap of the week’s weather, which for us Floridians will probably be full of remarks about how cold we are during this first winter.

Down On The Farm

This is where I’ll note the farm activity from the week. Part of our enthusiasm for living in a place with four seasons is living in the cycle of farm work that changes with those seasons.

Best Thing We Ate

Deep satisfaction comes when we look down at our plates and see food we raised with our own hands. It will be fun to record some of our favorites, but we recognize it will take time to rebuild a farm from scratch, so there’s no shame in Hamburger Helper in the meantime.

From Family Worship

As Christians of the confessional Presbyterian stripe, we count worship of our God to be our highest privilege. Public worship (church on Sunday) is paramount, yet we are not limited to this, but encouraged by Scripture to worship God both as a family and individually throughout the week. It is my great joy and privilege to daily lead our family in family worship where we sing a hymn or psalm, read the Bible, talk about it, and each take turns praying out loud. There is always something special to record from family worship.

Other Happenings

This will be a catch-all for other things that just have to be recorded for posterity.

Our little cabin, finally finished…firewood pile out front.